A Solid Foundation for a Lifetime of Fun!
We offer junior group and private lessons for kids of all ages and experience levels. From tots taking up a racquet for the first time to national junior tournament players, we instill confidence, technical aptitude, and a love for the game in all our students.


Late Fall Session
Mon, Oct 23 – Sun, Dec 17 (7 weeks)
No class Thurs, Nov 24 (Thanksgiving)


Early Winter Session
Tues, Jan 2 – Sun, Feb 25  (8 weeks)
No class Mon, Jan 1 (New Year’s Day)



  • Flexible attendance: sign up for entire session or pay by class
  • Class size: min 3, max 5/6 per court
  • Member and Non-Member rates
  • See below for further details

Junior Lesson Levels, Schedules & Pricing


These groups are designed for beginning to intermediate players and employ the USTA endorsed 10 & Under teaching method.  Your child will learn using age appropriate equipment (courts, balls and rackets) to improve quicker.

We have nine 60’ courts with blended lines in addition to the six 36’ courts.
Our pros have been using QuickStart tennis for over ten years.

Using the guidelines below when viewing the varying class levels shown.

  • Tiny Tots (4-6 years old)
  • Red 1 (7-8 years old)
  • Red 2 (advanced 8 & under)
  • Orange 1 (9-10 years old)
  • Orange 2 (advanced 10 & under)
  • Middle School Training (11-14 years old)

TINY TOTS (ages 4-6)
RED 1 (ages 7-8)
RED 2 (advanced 8 & under)

River Trails Tiny Tot and Red program will develop the basic athletic skills necessary for your child’s future success in any sport in a fun and exciting tennis environment.  These classes use the USTA 36′ court and a red felt or foam transition ball and are designed for the beginning to intermediate player.


Late Winter Schedule & Pricing

Tiny Tots: Ages 4-6 

TUE4:30-5:30 pm$168$168

Red 1: Ages 7-8

TUE4:30-5:30 pm$168$168
THU4:30-5:30 pm$168$168

Red 2: Ages 7-8 


ORANGE 1 & 2 (ages 9-10)

The orange level uses the 60′ court with blended lines and the orange transistion ball approved for USTA tournament play.

Orange 1 is aimed at the beginning to intermediate player and meets for one hour each class.

Orange 2 is for the more accomplished player and meets for an hour and a half.  Juniors at this level typically play several times a week and compete in local tournaments.

A 23” or 25” racquet is suggested for this level

Late Winter Schedule & Pricing

 Orange 1


Orange 2
Instructor approval is required for Orange 2 



These classes are for the older beginner to intermediate player.  A variety of equipment will be used to make playing the game easier, faster.  Most students will use a 26” or 27” racquet.

Late Fall Schedule & Pricing



These groups are designed for the more accomplished player. Players at this level typically play twice or more a week including leagues, private lessons and tournaments. Instructor approval is required for these classes.


These are one day competitive events which earn points towards the year-end championship. We will host singles and doubles events with various formats including round robin, compass draw and feed-in consolation.

For students advancing from Middle School Training, River Trails’ Future Stars classes transition into playing full court.  These players are strongly encouraged to also participate in our Junior Tour Events to start gaining match experience.

Late Winter Schedule & Pricing


With stroke style well in place, these classes help players learn how to compete as they prepare for the rigors of High School competition and USTA tournaments.  These players are strongly encouraged to participate in Friday Match Play to gain match experience.

Late Winter Schedule & Pricing


The very best from Tournament Training advance to the Excellence program. These players typically play all year and have had success in tournament play.

See dates and times for the Tournament Training Class

11 weeks of camps are offered beginning June 5 and ending August 16. Camps are open to juniors from the Red 1 up to Tournament Training/Academy levels. Camps are held Monday – Friday with morning, afternoon and all day options.

Weather permitting camp will be held outside on our 7 Har-Tru (clay) courts. This is a great opportunity to improve footwork, consistency, mental toughness and patience to name a few skills. Did you know 88% of all top 10 players learned to play on clay?

If your child needs to be dropped off early or stay late, supervision can be arranged for an additional nominal fee.

Camp meets at the following times:

Mornings ………… 9:30am – noon
Afternoons ………… 1:00 – 3:30pm
All Day …………..9:30am – 3:30pm

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Junior Tour Standings

STANDINGS – Updated Feb 10th
* – winner of the last event

1Niko Marhoff4100
2Emma Militaru3600
3Alex Shinall3400
4Uros Ramic2600*
5Klara Novak1900
6Riko Pang1800
7Julia Moskal1700
8Alexandru Zara1600
9Evan Chilovich1500
10Anna Lizama1400
11Ian Chung1200
11Kristina Nikolova1200
13Alex Stankov1000
13Andrew Stan1000
13Sophia Negrea1000
16Alysa Popa900
16Gabe Maliszewski900
16Kumar Shanmuganathan900
19Carina Reed800
19Conrad Stanek800
21Michael Simmons700
22Daniel Krzesinski600
23Asel Touzelbaeva400
23Geraldine Tidy400
23Sophie Dial400
26Leo Kostov300
27Aneesa Kanji200
27Blanka Bak200

STANDINGS -Updated Feb 2nd
* – winner of the last event

PlaceNamePoint Total
1Kara Pescaru4500 *
2Nina Shinall4300
3David Motorga3800
4Amelia Stanek2500
5Jack Behrens2300
6Alexandra Popa2000
7Luna Bian1900
8Danilo Marsenic1700
9Peter Charuk1600
9Teo Sire1600
11Jacob Popowski1500
12Liam Nance1400
13Andrew Weber1300
13Jack Hartung1300
13Sam Yeh1300
16Filip Acewicz1200
16Matthew Moskal1200
18Allen Paul1100
18Konrad Miedzialowski1100
20Aime Tsutsumi1000
20Ondrej Subr1000
20Stefan Mladenovic1000
23Andrew Darloson800
23Daniel Zhang800
25Andrew Stan600
25Anna Lizama600
25Delaney Letzel600
25Giselle Artajo600
25Sammy Hong600
25Sofia Libiano600
25Sohan Yousfi600
32Abigail Lavaccare400
32Ali Krieger400
32Isabel Ceisla400
32Mary Claire Spingola400
32Pavel Sioui400
37E.J. Spingola300
38Andre Sibyan200
38Drew Salski200
38Justin Baek200
38Simon Chmielewski200

STANDINGS – Updated Dec 16th
* – winner of the last event

PlaceNamePoint Total
NamePoint Totals
1James Schweitzer3100
2George Ciuca2900
3Hanna Haber1900
3Sebastian Schoyer *1900
5Scott Nance1800
6Alexandra Popa1700
7Ryan Snyder1600
8Jacob Gauden1300
9Liam Nance1200
10Hannah Pescaru1100
11Sara Stan900
12Owen Beck700
12Stanley Zeng700
14Declan Sinense600
15Jack Hartung500
15Natalie Katsaros500
15Nico Haber500
18Cassiana Voicu400
18James Spingola400
20Andrew Grave300
20Kaely Appleton300
22Akash Pidady200
22Allen Paul200
22Amelia Grave200
22Diana Spulber200
22Edwin Brkic200
22Jack Dechoudens200
22Kara Pescaru200
22Lilliam Dockal200
22Nina Shinall200
22Patrick Sze200
22Sean Grant200


  • Sign up for a full session of a class and reserve a permanent spot. Missed classes will be handled according to the make-up policy below.
  • Registrations can be taken mid-session if a permanent spot exists and at least 2 classes are remaining in the session. The cost is prorated.
  • Any occasional or partial attendance outside these parameters is priced according to  our “per-time” fee schedule.


  • Please let the front desk know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your class.
  • If  a class is missed, a make-up is allowed for that class in another class at the same skill level.
  • Make-ups can be scheduled at the front desk (in person or over the phone) and must be prearranged.
  • Make-ups are not guaranteed and must be completed in the same session.


  • Athletic gear is appropriate for all tennis activities.
  • Blue jeans and running shoes are discouraged as they may interfere with safe mobility.
  • Absolutely no dark soled or marking shoes.
  • No chewing gum during play or on the courts.